Love is beautiful! May I cut in?

Sometimes, when life gets a bit tough, it is good to have a sanctuarythey can retreat too. Castle, along with the amazing Stana Katic and the handsome Nathan Fillion, is just that! I love the not-so subtle play between Beckett and Castle! I am hoping someday to have that kind of love again. I am also a writer like Castle, but my novel is not a crime mystery. I have two books in the works but it has been 6-yeaars since I have been able to write due to PTSD. Stana's amazing acting showing the effects of this disorder convinced me I will never totally beat it by myself and I have begun seeking treatment for it. My one novel is almost finished and I have two chapters done on my childrens book. I woud like to be able to concentrate enough to finish them!

When I see what Stana and Nathan do with their lives on their own time I am constantly amazed! This is whyy they are the stars in my sky - as an amature Astronomer, I like to follow the stars - and these two are the brightest in my sky...they drive me to do new things that I might be too nervous to do right now! they give me courage and determination and hope for my future! I hope to someday be able to thank them for it personally.

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